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Health Benefits
  • Alberta's Healthiest And Tastiest Beef Choice.
  • Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished, 100% Natural The Way Nature Intended It To Be.
  • Rich In Omega 3, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Antioxidants, And Much More.
  • ​Raised On Our Family Ranch In Central Alberta.
  • ​Beef Is Dry-Aged (21 Days!) For Flavour And Tenderness.
  • Drug-Free & 100% Natural. No Hormones, Antibiotics, Vaccinations etc.
  • Cattle Are Raised On Open Green Pastures.
  • Prepared By An Expert Butcher In Red Deer, Alberta. Government Certified And Inspected.
  • Tastes Great, Nutritious & Easy To Prepare.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
See what our Customers are saying...
Noah Welch ~ Red Deer, Alberta ~
Elite Athlete ~ NHL, AHL, SHL, and 2018 Olympics

"In a day and age where it is very important to understand where the food we eat comes from, it’s comforting to eat King Cattle Company beef. Completely grass fed from start to finish with no chemicals injected into the cows, we don’t need to worry about the quality of this beef. Quality is important but so is taste. With a simple spice recipe and slowly allowing the roast to cook, my family and I had the best tasting roast I have ever had. Quality of meat should not mean compromising on taste and this is for sure the case with King Cattle Company roasts and ground beef."
Dr Joseph Mercola
New York Times Best Selling Author and Medical Practitioner

"Beef, in its natural grass fed state, is a health food of the highest order."

Marie & Shane Oro ~ Red Deer, Alberta ~
Fresh Renovations

"Thank you for the SUPERBEEF that we received from you the other day. It was fantastic!  It was bright red and we knew it was different as soon as we saw it and cooked it up. I made a meatloaf and my husband said it was the best meat loaf he has ever  Could be my cooking but I have made meatloaf before so I'm pretty sure the credit goes to your  We will have to get some more from you soon. Thanks again."
Paul Postma ~ Red Deer, Alberta ~
Elite Athlete ~ NHL Boston Bruins

"Being a professional hockey player, my diet and nutrition is a big part of my career. Beef is an essential staple of this diet. Eating clean, all natural beef is always a priority, but where does the beef from a grocery store really come from?  King Cattle Company takes all the guess work out and puts me at ease.  Knowing exactly where my beef comes from and how it was raised, it is always my top choice in beef. With amazing quality and delicious taste, it gives me the best chance to have a healthy, successful career, as well as life."

Naomi Block ~ Red Deer, Alberta ~ Life coach & Jujitsu Competitor
Brent Harvie ~ Red Deer, Alberta ~ Professional MMA Fighter & Jujitsu Competitor

"Three words come to mind ever since buying king cattle products; PEACE OF MIND! Knowing exactly where your beef is coming from, how it is raised and slaughtered is very important to us.  Not only does it taste amazing but the high nutrients and health benefits have shown great improvements to our health. Being athletic and competing in martial arts, it is important that we fuel our bodies with the best quality food we can purchase. Knowing this company has some of the only beef available in Alberta that is BOTH grass fed and grass finished, played an important role in our decision to buy from them.  We found a few different companies selling grass finished beef but what they leave out is the cattle is grain fed most of their life then switched to grass only a short time before slaughter. Buying from King cattle company ensures that we get fully grass fed, high omega 3 rich beef.  They honestly have the best beef jerky we have ever tasted!  King cattle company has supplied us with phenomenal meat and exceptional service.  Buying this beef is always our number one choice. Highly recommend this product."
Jesse & Tara Fox ~ Red Deer, Alberta ~ FXC Inspections

"Couldn't be more pleased with the King Cattle Company. The ease of the ordering system, friendly , local, and most of all the quality of meat being produced. They have made a client for life and I will definitely be subscribing to their monthly delivery system."

Steve Schultz ~Lacombe High School Teacher ~ Prime Ministers Award For Excellence In Teaching

"King Cattle Company Beef is tasty, healthy and satisfying to the last bite. As an environmental high school science teacher it is important to teach and showcase examples of sustainable, environmental practices.  King Cattle Company showcases sustainable and environmental practice by:  Managed grazing: This Increases grassland biodiversity by regenerating grasses in wild range lands which can't be used as crop land.  Weed management: Controlling weeds by grazing and manure management instead of pesticides.  Lowering fossil fuel (oil) use: Grass fed cattle reduces grain feed which utilizes gasoline for planting, fertilizer, harvesting and processing. One study shows that a grain fed steer typically consumes 284 gallons of oil lowering their carbon footprint: With less fossil fuel use comes less carbon dioxide emissions. Thriving marginal grasslands also absorb carbon dioxide in their growing processLowering water pollution: The grasslands and riparian areas act like water filters which lower water pollution from manure.  Lowering soil erosion: Managed grasslands have rooted grasses that slow down wind and water soil erosion.  Lowering animal stress: Cattle are free to graze on natural, diverse landscapes which lowers the stress of the animals.  Providing a healthy source of protein: Studies have shown that Grass fed and finished beef is higher in vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA(Conjugated Linoic Acid), which reduces cancer, obesity and immune disorders."
Darren & Crystal Saxby ~ Red Deer, Alberta, Commercial Realestate

"We were thrilled to receive your locally grown grass-fed beef. Knowing where and how it was grown is important to us. In fact I could see these cattle on my way to work.  The true test for great tasting beef for us is Chrystal’s Salisbury Steak recipe. It was the best yet!  We look forward to using King Cattle Superbeef going forward."

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